Volume l    
CHAPTER 1 Commercial General Liability Insurance—An Overview
CHAPTER 2   Choice of Law for Coverage Disputes
CHAPTER 3   Late Notice Defense Under "Occurrence" Policies: Is Prejudice to the Insurer Required?
CHAPTER 4   Coverage for Pre-Tender Defense Costs
CHAPTER 5   Duty to Defend Standard: "Four Corners" or Extrinsic Evidence?
CHAPTER 6   Insured's Right to Independent Counsel
CHAPTER 7   Insurer's Right to Reimbursement of Defense Costs
CHAPTER 8   Prevailing Insured's Right to Recover Attorney's Fees in Coverage Litigation
CHAPTER 9   Number of Occurrences
CHAPTER 10   Coverage for Innocent Co-Insureds: "Any" Insured vs. "The" Insured and the Severability of Interests Clause
CHAPTER 11   Is Emotional Injury "Bodily Injury"?
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CHAPTER 12   Is Faulty Workmanship an "Occurrence?"
CHAPTER 13   Permissible Scope of Indemnification in Construction Contracts
CHAPTER 14   Qualified Pollution Exclusion
CHAPTER 15   Absolute Pollution Exclusion
CHAPTER 16   Trigger of Coverage for Latent Injury and Damage Claims
CHAPTER 17   Trigger of Coverage for Construction Defects and Non-Latent Injury and Damage Claims
CHAPTER 18   Allocation of Latent Injury and Damage Claims
CHAPTER 19   Insurability of Punitive Damages
CHAPTER 20   First- and Third-Party Bad Faith Standards
CHAPTER 21   ALI Restatement of the Law of Liability Insurance